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Joe Burglin

Joe Burglin

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The tasting structure during our time will depend largely on your experience with wine tastings. But if you're new to the wine tasting world, we'll start by going through the basics of how the experts go about tasting their wine. Then we'll discuss the wines in front of you and their background. I am a huge believer in that the process that the wine goes through from grape to finish plays the largest role in what you're tasting and smelling. Choose me and I'll tell you all about my experiences in this and how the same grapes can taste so different in the end product of 2 different wine makers!



Joe Burglin was co-owner and founder of Casavino Custom Winery, where he and his partner and son, Jordan, made wine with juices from all over the world, and taught thousands of others to make wine as well.  Joe received his formal wine making training from University of California, Davis.  As part of running a successful winery and becoming a wine maker (vintner), Joe realized early on the he needed to become knowledgeable about wine regions, varietals, characteristics, etc.  He learned to experience wine not only for where it came from or it’s individual characteristics, but from the perspective of the creator.  You see, Joe learned early in wine making that the creator – the vintner – had a great deal to do with how the wine ultimately.  You see, wine made from the exact same harvest can taste dramatically differently, depending on how it was made.  Using oak, bacterial fermentation, blending varietals from different growing regions, or adding sugar to increase alcohol content, a vintner can make the same wine taste and feel quite differently?  Therefore, two Chardonnays from the exact same region and harvest can taste and feel very different.  This is also why you might mike one but not the other.

Using his knowledge of wine making, Joe created some of the most educational, intriguing, insightful, and memorable wine tasting experiences ever.

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