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February: Bev - Made by Chicks for Everyone!

February: Bev - Made by Chicks for Everyone!

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When: February 17, 2022

Break the Glass!

Meet the Bev Team - Breaking the glass is a team effort. Bev is made by chicks, but it’s made for everyone. Bev believe that real change will come when women and men work together as equals and hold each other accountable in social spaces. grab a Bev, grab a friend. 

Join WEVO and Bev for a tasting of 2 of their amazing, award winning canned wines with you and your friends, near or far! The tasting includes 2 4-packs of Bev's award winning canned wine shipped to a single location. Have more friends in different locations? No problem! Send them the link and they can order their own!

Recordings will be posted for WEVO members should you prefer to watch them later. We get it, sometimes things happen!

Sign up now, get 8 cans of wine, learn about the Bev Story from an insider view, and enjoy their fantastic wine with your friends or family, near or far!