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Our Team

 CEO and Co-Founder

Nick Burglin has a background in the Software and IT industry. Working for a few different companies, he learned the value of using software and technology to create a platform that bridges 2 or more separate things together. His love for wine was discovered in his mid-20s and eventually the idea to build a software platform that helps bridge the physical gap between wineries and their members came about. Being passionate about technology, and ever curious about all things wine helped stay focus to evolve WEVO into the platform it is today - available for wineries, experts, and wine consumers of all wine backgrounds; from wine newbies (which he still considers himself a part of) to sommeliers.


Joe Burglin was co-owner and founder of Casavino Custom Winery, where he and his partner and son, Jordan, made wine with juices from all over the world, and taught thousands of others to make wine as well.  Joe received his formal wine making training from University of California, Davis.  As part of running a successful winery and becoming a wine maker (vintner), Joe realized early on the he needed to become knowledgeable about wine regions, varietals, characteristics, and all things wine.  He learned to experience wine not only for where it came from or it’s individual characteristics, but from the perspective of the creator. Using his knowledge of wine making, Joe created some of the most educational, intriguing, insightful, and memorable wine tasting experiences ever.