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About WEVO Tastings

Americans love wine! Across the country, people of all ages, including Baby Boomers, Gen X, and the fastest growing segment of the wine drinking population, the Millennials, are looking for on-demand wine experts to join them for their wine tasting experience to create a special, one-of-a-kind experience with their friends, on their terms, at their location of choice.

The US wine industry continues to grow. Consumption is shifting however. While Baby Boomers continue to be the largest wine consumers, their consumption is on the decline. The fastest growing portion of the wine consuming population is the younger, Millennial generation, and they seek to consume wine and wine expertise in ways that are consistent, convenient, and comfortable.

Regardless of the age of the wine consumer, the challenges faced when planning to attend a wine tasting have not changed. Does the time work with my schedule? How will I get to and from the tasting? How far away is it? How much does it cost? Will it be crowded? Will there be someone there who knows about the wines or will it be a novice? What wines will be served? Very little about the wine tasting experience is in the control of the participant, or, for that matter, the wine tasting expert that wants to get in front of these new customers, sell their wine and expertise, and increase revenue

Using modern technology and expertise from the consumer public, this group has created WEVO Tastings, and put control of the entire wine tasting selection and process into the hands of the consumer. Using their online, automated process, wine consumers can choose when and where they want to experience their tasting, who they want to attend, what wines will be included, and any of a selection of hundreds of virtual wine experts to host their tasting using modern video technology.

Using modern technology, bringing wine consumers and wine experts together at a time and place of choosing for the consumer, threatens to turn the wine tasting industry on its head, especially with the more technology savvy consumers that want to create a unique sharing experience with their friends and family without the hassle of having to worry about current logistical issues.

Registration is easy and free for consumers and wine experts which means that there is little or no resistance to trying out the process. So check it out! 

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