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WEVO - Enjoy Live, Virtual Wine Tastings from Home!

With WEVO, you can experience a truly unique wine tasting without needing to travel to a winery! Order the recommended wines and join a live stream of the Expert at the scheduled time, all from the comfort of your own home! WEVO allows you to have a face-to-face conversation with Experts to walk through the tasting together and discuss your experience of the wine.

You can choose to book an Expert+Wine experience for a more personal virtual face-to-face experience, or you can attend a Winery Spotlight Experience with a larger remote attendance. In both choices, you and your friends will be able to interact directly with Experts who love wine and are passionate about creating an educational, fun, and memorable experience!

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choose the experience you want

Experts, Wines, Dates and Times

Select an Expert, set the date and time, order the wine, it's shipped to you along with a video admission link for you and your friends to enjoy. The experience is personal and is yours to define!


Winery Events, Near or Far

Select a Winery Spotlight Event, order the wine, it's shipped to you along with a video admission link to the Winery Tasting Room. This is webinar style. You attend from where you are!


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